Friday, 12 February 2016

Valentine's Day Present for Your Boyfriend or Husband

Just a few days left before Valentine's Day. But you have not found your boyfriend or husband a present yet? I have asked 3 men and fellow blogger friends, Jorge (, David (,  and Philippe (, what would be the top 3 things they would like to receive for the occasion and why.

To Philipe, Valentine's day is a commercial event. Nevertheless, an occasion to have a kind attention towards your other half. Thus, an ideal present would be an experience together or an item that lasts and reminds each other.

1. A weekend to "Thermes de VALS" - for anyone who dreams of a wellness experience.

2. A perfume - a gentle introduction to Spring. His suggestion: Kiehl's Vetiver Black Tea

3. A tee - with a "motivational" quote.  For example this model with two meanings "need to move, Summer is coming"

To David, Valentine's Day is synonym of a kind thought to a friend or lover. Presents should be selected according's to the person's interests and preferences.

1. A barber kit - because a man's beard is important!

2. A book - for its inspiring content. Knowing that someone has taken time to select a book that match your preferences is priceless | |

3. An Apple Watch - because it is without doubt the must-have gadget for tech-savvy/digitale natives

Here are the reasons Jorge would appreciate these 3 presents:

1. Because sharing a moment together while getting drunk - in love - is priceless... well it has a price, but that is affordable

2. Because the silk scarf of Swiss brand, Collection 66, has the particularity to fit for her as well for him

3. Because who loves, doesn't count (AND also because it has four-seat... if the family gets bigger)

Time to go shopping the Valentine's Day present for your boyfriend or husband! <3 <3 <3

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Red Lips for Valentine's Day

Isn’t Valentine's Day a good excuse to put on your sexy gear! I leave the lingerie set, seductive outfit and killer shoes to you. I will focus here on how to enhance your look with the makeup, particularly a lipstick with a dark or red shade. It is not easy to draw a lip sharply or not to smudge the color. Let me share with you a few tricks I had the chance to learn from professionals.

1. Most makeup artists use a "primer". It's a transparent base, here in the form of a lipstick, but it can also come as a cream or lotion. Laying the primer before another cosmetic improves its coverage and makes the effect last longer. I use MAC and like it for its smooth texture.

2. When applying dark shades (and sometimes also lighter colors), professionals seldom start with the lipstick. They first draw the contour with a pen of a similar color to the lipstick. I start with the bottom-middle part, then the upper-middle part and finish by coloring the narrow outer lines.

3. Only with my lips shape nicely drawn do I apply the lipstick color by “tapping”. This helps to prevent the stick from smudging the color on your lips..

4. If you slip up in drawing the lip lines properly, correct that with a brush and concealer or foundation. Alternatively, simply thicken the lines and make them look sharper.

And now, no reasons to go full out and sexy on your makeup for Valentine's Day!

I used:
MAC lip pen
MAC prep+primer stick
Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire 022 lipstick
Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer

Sunday, 7 February 2016

After the Balmain x H&M Storm

When H&M announced its collaboration with Olivier Rousteing, creative director of Balmain, the news went viral. Everyone expected the collection to be sold-out worldwide, even before it hit the store. Recall the insanity when sales opened with shoppers fighting over their target items? Now that the agitation is over, how are you wearing your Balmain x H&M pieces?

Many of the designs had original embroideries, colors or cuts. Here I wear, for example, the wide leg pant for a day look. I opt for a gray tee and faux-leather jacket and white platform shoes. I put over my black minimal coat and marked the waistline with a thin green vintage belt (trendy move for the upcoming season). Although the Balmain x H&M piece is quite original, I don't look overdressed for the office yet dressy enough later to attend the ArtGenève exhibition on an invitation from Ruinart. By the way, do check out live updates on my Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat!

© Pictures by Inès Monnet

H&M pants 
Zara coat, tee & shoes
Mango jacket
Givenchy bag
Vintage belt

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Now you see, Now you get – Burberry’s move to revolutionize the fashion industry

The fashion industry may feed on creativity but it still sticks to certain traditions, like the seasonal Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter collections each year. Burberry created a buzz when it announced it would now depart from this fashion calendar and launch a combined men and women collection in two runway events a year. These “season-less” collections will simply be called February and September. That’s not all ... A Business of Fashion (BOF) Imran Amed's interview with Burberry’s CEO Christopher Bailey also revealed that instead of waiting the usual five to six months, the public can shop the full collection online and in stores immediately after the show! If you are interested to learn more about the underlying business reasons for the change, read the BOF article. In short, this new fashion calendar should work better for the stores and appeals better to customers (with instant gratification?).

This ground-breaking change raises many questions for all the industry players. Will this be the new normal as others soon follow? Will suppliers be able to cope? What is the effect on creativity of the collections? How will it affect us as shoppers? I want to hear your thoughts on this!

images via