Thursday, 26 November 2015

Home away from home in Paris

I was so blown away (un coup de coeur) by my recent stay in a 39-room boutique hotel in Paris that I have to show you around. It is called Crayon Rouge located near the Louvre museum in the 1st district.

The hotel welcomes you in a eccentrically decorated lobby and reception. No two pieces of furniture are alike, yet the colorful ensemble is all so harmonious. I could already feel the lovely vibes as we walked in. We arrived too early and were invited to wait with a coffee while they readied our rooms. My travel companion Véronique and I preferred to use this extra time to discover Paris.

After a few hours out in the city, we were happy to be back at the hotel. My room "Chambre Rouge Epicée" was on the top floor with the fabled view over the rooftops of Paris. I was charmed by the eclectic decorations - a little vintage and a little retro-chic. Still no “matching” furniture… not even the walls. Rather than being jarring, the different elements complement each other rather well. A little rest and we headed out for dinner.

The following morning, we went down early to have breakfast served comme à la maison (just like at home): an open kitchen with a big wooden table in the center, a small and easy buffet. We had our fill.

So if you are looking for an atypically characterful and well-situated boutique hotel with bonhomie for your next visit to Paris, search no further. Remember this name: Hotel Crayon Rouge.

© Pictures by Romina C.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The right balance – more pictures or more words?

As I started to describe this look that I shot some time ago in Zurich, it crossed my mind as to what you might be looking for as you browsed through a fashion or lifestyle blog. For example, with this slick vintage oversized leather jacket with a zebra faux-fur collar (get your here or here) – are you mainly interested in the pictures, or are you also interested to read my thinking on styling the look? I dearly want to know – I may be talking too much or showing too many pictures! Let me know by leaving your comment below.

©  Pictures by David F.

H&M jeans
Vintage jacket
Peddered shoes
Dr. Spectacles clip-ons

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

À La Parisienne!

I was in Paris just about a week before the horrific events. I had planned to post this outfit on my return but delayed it. It wasn’t the right time and my thoughts are with the victims and their families.

Notwithstanding what happened, Paris is still the world’s most charming metropolis and worth any excuse for a visit. So, I had been really looking forward to going there again with my blogger friend Véronique. Though I have been to Paris several times, I have never played tourist. This time we did and took in the famous sights like Eiffel Tower, Place de la Concorde, and Le Palais Royal (where we shot this outfit). Nonetheless, I tried to go undercover as a local and dressed up like how I imagined a Parisian typically would - Zara lace-up heels, Cheap Monday jeans, gray tee, black blazer, oversized coat, and Minelli cross-body bag – chic à la Parisienne.

© Pictures by Véronique de V.

Minelli bag
H&M coat
Primark tee
Zara blazer & lace-ups
Dr. Spectacles clip-ons

Friday, 20 November 2015

A New Boutique Hotel in Zürich

You can never have enough of addresses of good hotels to stay in Zurich. So let me add another to your list. It is the Marktgasse Hotel, recently reopened after two years of careful restoration. I was invited to celebrate the event with an overnight stay.

I checked into a spacious low-ceiling room that overlooks the pretty cobblestone street. The interior is a mix of conserved historic details and modern eclectic designs. Instead of a standard guided tour of the rooms, the hotel arranged to have open rooms, each with a short musical performance in the form of a classical or jazz piece. Musique de chambre takes on a whole new meaning! One small room in particular enticed me – it has stairs that lead to a big terrace with a splendid view of Zürich (a night shot above).

Before heading back early to Lausanne the next day, I took time to enjoy breakfast at their "Delish Café" (also open to non-guests). The buffet spread was generous and I took a copious fruit bowl and chocolate croissant.

If you are looking to stay in a charming offbeat boutique hotel on your next trip to Zurich, put Marktgasse Hotel in your shortlist.

© Picture by Romina C.