Friday, 31 October 2014

The Sky Blue Sweater

Inès and I have been exploring Lausanne like crazy to scout for a different location for each shoot. So it was a relief to be in Geneva to take pictures of this special outfit. I am participating in a contest to style a total La Redoute look. I wanted this outfit to look feminine, Rock and be comfy, all at the same time. The lace trim dress sets the feminine tone while the sky blue knit is stylish yet feels snug and warm, just nice for the season. The dash of Rock is brought on by the buckled boots and Leo satchel. You hope you like the result. Better still, vote for me on this link:

Wearing: Total La Redoute Look

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Broken Rules

Rules are made to be broken, right? At least or particularly in fashion. I often discuss what to wear according to your body type. The common wisdom is to avoid oversized or maxi clothes if you are petite. Miroslava Duma (known for being very petite) still looks fabulous even in the longest coat. Thus, I am encouraged to experiment with leather pants which, according to the rule again, better suit fabulously long-legged model types. Indeed, there are outfits that make you look more attractive (especially to guys), eg. an ultra-mini-close-to-body vs. a maxi-long-sleeve-no-cleavage dress. But we modern active girls would rather reserve these gowns for parties and Sundays. With gray is the new black, I tucked in a gray tee and a gray oversized H&M coat.

Wearing: H&M coat / Zara top / La Redoute leather pants / 3.1 Phillip Lim bag / Converse shoes / Avinas Jewelry bracelet & rings / Thomas Sabo necklaces

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Grey, Black and Curls

Lately I don't feel like experimenting with colors or prints. I go instead for neutral tones and play around more with cuts and details. This time, I went for a cami black dress with lace trims, my Esprit coat and Mango shoes. To make up for this very simple outfit, I put on new Morganne Bello rings, including one with their classic clover-shaped amazonite (other combination of gold shade, stone and shape are also available). This time, I intentionally matched my eye shadow to the coat.

Wearing: La Redoute dress / Esprit coat / Mango shoes / H&M bag / Morganne Bello rings

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Ready, Set… Wang!

You know I get all fired up when it comes to designer collections for H&M. So you can imagine my excitement when I learned that Alexander Wang, also the artistic director of Balenciaga, was going to do it this year. It is arguably the most interesting collaboration so far. The theme is sports meet edgy fashion with a hint of the military. Some may even call this a sportswear collection. Wang went so far as to design boxing gloves and a yoga mat. I am sharing here firsthand looks of Alexander Wang x H&M. In the spirit of the collection, we had the shoot on a sports track. For those who are going to take part in the shopping craze on November 6th, do try out the sizing of the leggings - they appear much smaller than standard. I hope this preview gives you an idea of how the collection looks. Do stay tuned as I will put up another outfit.

Wearing: Total Alexander Wang x H&M look