Thursday, 23 October 2014

Saturday Outfit at the Showroom Edelweiss

Last Saturday, I was invited by Edelweiss magazine to take part in a special blogger “goûter" (light meal) in collaboration with Mazettes. It was held in conjunction with their annual Showroom event at the Tiffany hotel. They organized a small fun activity which involved us customizing mugs. It was nice to meet up with blogger friends whom I hadn't seen for a while. I took the opportunity to visit the rooms of a few Swiss designers I already know about, and also to discover new ones. I am always impressed by the quality of their original work. And guess what? This year, as in previous years, I walk out with my hands full.

Mode Suisse in the previous evening killed me, and I was too exhausted this morning to dress fancy. So I just went for a comfy pair of slim jeans, cut-out boots and wrapped myself up in a baby pink over-sized mantel I got last Winter.

Talking about Swiss designers, I received a few days ago this dazzling necklace from B.shou a new jewelry brand. Check out their other creations on Good news – get 15% off by enter ing the promotional code “BLAASTYLE".

Wearing:  b.shou necklace / River Island outerwear / La Redoute boots /  GANT shirt /  H&M jeans / Giorgio Armani clutch 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Mode Suisse 6th Edition - Geneva


HEAD School

Claudia Zurber

Adrian Reber

Lyn Lingerie

Huber Egloff

Bernadette Koch

Mademoiselle L

Stefanie Biggel

Dominic Knecht

And myself ;)

As in every year, I was eager to see the Spring-Summer 2015 collections that Swiss designers would be presenting at the Mode Suisse fashion show. I am familiar with most of the participating designers and so far I have never been disappointed with their creations. This year, I covered the event in Geneva with Inès who also had access to the backstage. She took great shots of the models getting ready and on the runway. We were treated to a rich display from both established and upcoming talents. Here is a quick rundown of my impressions of a few of them.

Huber Egloff has a way with fabrics in how he works the cut to make the material fall on the body. His clothes gave the impression of moving with the model as she walked, as if it was a second skin. This Spring-Summer 2015 collection is very feminine and modern.

Lyn Lingerie never forgets the main idea behind an underwear – to make its wearer feel seductive, comfortable and self-confident. The strong identity of Lyn is carried through with “intimidating” pieces with a strong character.

Claudia Zurber goes minimalist for next Spring-Summer with a palette of pale colors, a few striped pattern and light pink details. She worked the fabrics to give structure to her pieces. The collection targets the modern busy woman with a casual and comfy note.

enSoie gives off vibes of a strong cool woman vibes who know what she wants. This season includes more patterns and "imposing" design with large stiff shoulder jacket or dress.

Neria Frey is new to me. Her collection reveals the young, rebellious and self-confident girl. You can definitely build some stylish outfits with her clothes, but you got to have the assets to kick off her minis, ultra-mini shorts or crop tops.

RS Harder is a past winner of the Lilly Prize awarded by Edelweiss. I really have a big crush on this brand. I recall having a few of her pieces (including a look with one of her skeleton design tees) for a shoot during the first style-lab. She is shy with colors and prefers working with a dark palette and a mix of materials.

Dominic Knecht is the discovery of this season. Mode Suisse has a showroom where you can see close-up the pieces to be paraded on the runway. With a touch (for example of the smooth leather), you could immediately sense the overall top-notch quality. I particularly liked the sleeveless top with the upper part in a rough textile and the bottom part in a fabric worked to a fluffy effect.

Bernadette Koch made a strong impression on me and I can see myself wearing many of her looks. The models walked wearing masks à la Martin Margiela. The collection was very minimalist and edgy. As if to make up for the lack of prints, there was a pop of colors like a full silhouette in electric blue.

Mademoiselle L also has a minimalist silhouette, but with much broader cuts for a more casual look (unlike Koch who emphasized the waist by tying a sweater or belt). I was also attracted to the cute fur clutches and bags.

Stefanie Biggel never fails to amaze me with her creativity, from her very first collection to this one. If I have to pick one, she is my favorite. Her style is also very edgy and for this SS15 collection, she played with contrasting materials and forms. One side of a skirt is cut in a pencil form while the other side is flared. An electric blue shirt is tucked in and exposes a nipple through a transparent pocket while the other side is untucked with a usual straight cut. Her clothes are structured and feast our eyes with a discreet splash of colors. She seduced me so much with this collection that I couldn’t help but splurge for a bomber jacket at her Edelweiss showroom the next day.

Overall, we see a trend next season for minimalist and casual clothes. It seems we are getting tired of looking sophisticated. The Swiss fashion scene is definitely opening up to more daring designs. Are we ready to confront the world stage? Perhaps not, but we are taking the right steps. Yannick Aellen and Mode Suisse are doing a great job actively promoting our local designers. This latest edition was again an unqualified success. I can't wait to take part in the next.

PS: I haven't mentioned all the designers but you can learn more about them on

Backstage Diary

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Always go Black

I often overthink what to wear for an event. I would empty my wardrobe, try mixing and matching, and when ideas run out, end up with an all-black outfit... Black never betrays you. It so happened that to attend Mode Suisse and the Showroom Edelweiss, I went for a Zara coat and a pair of H&M high waist jeans with a top tucked-in. However, I did make a personal statement with a Dsquared2 scarf worn as a turban.

Wearing: H&M jeans / Zara coat & top / Converse shoes / Dsquared2 turban-scarf / Chanel backpack / Dior earrings / Sismeek watch