Sunday, 19 February 2012


Wearing: Grey Fur Vest, H&M/Perfecto, Zara/Shirt, Ray Ban/Glasses

OK GIRLS LET'S try and not lie, do we really wear everyday heels? I probably suppose that we do not, and on those pictures I was actually wearing really casual converse shoes in grey color. They are my everyday sneakers, spoilt because I wear them for any occasions. Since I'm on holiday I don't bother and wear mostly casual clothes, comfy as much as I can. We went to Nespresso Lausanne with my friend Francesca (who took the pictures of me) and she ordered a Cappucino and me a Liégois which is an Espresso shot poured on a Vanilla  ice cream ball. You might have noticed that there is actually a kitty drawn in my friend's cappucino, isn't it crazy cute!? And actually if you love espresso as I do, want something sweet but not a dessert, the Liégois is the perfecto combo you can have. It is really easy to make it for yourself at home as a dessert.

PS: If you do have not noticed, my friend has the best Iphone case you can have!


Born on heels said...

J'adore cet endroit! Par contre pour les talons ça m'arrive d'en porter presque tous les jours par moment, rien de plus beau qu'une femme en talons!

Charlotte said...

les lunettes te vont bien! zoubix

ROS.E. said...

You got a great outfit there... I love your glasses, and your i-phone case ;-)
u got a new follower!

xxx Ros.e.

Aida said...

My dear,
I found your blog by chance, while peeking others and I decided to check it out! I’m glad I did it, because I am really delighted with yours. It's beautiful, well structured, interesting, sweet amazing [probably your own qualities right?] and it has completely got me hooked. I think we're going to get along just fine! ;)
I'd like to invite you to follow each other. I’d be very pleased.
I wish you lots of success and will surely come back often

LPFashionPhilosophy said...

So pretty! Loooove the fur vest! Amazing photos!

ox from NYC!


Pascale said...

aaw these pictures are awesome! funny iPhone case ;)
you're from switzerland too?
would you mind check out my blog?

Gabi Noel said...

Cool blog! Check mine outt.
xx gabi