Sunday, 1 April 2012

Mode Suisse

YESTERDAY I WENT to a Fashion Show taking place in Zurich. Here's a picture of the invitation. I will soon post the pictures I took of my favorite designers pieces. I really had a great time. For the time being stay tuned. I will post preview pictures on my facebook page. Follow me on


Erelle Bertolini said...

Ecellent je ne savais pas que tu y ├ętais. Alors tu as s├╗rement du apercevoir mes bijoux sur les robes de Little Black Dress ?

Leonor said...

I will stay tuned :) seams like a wonderful event!


Irene Buffa said...

u have a really cool blog dear!

Clara Turbay said...

A lot of great ideas.

Fabrizia said...

Sounds like a really great event, can't wait to see the photos!
I’ve just wrote a new post, tell me what do you think about it!
Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

Self-Dressed said...

Waiting to see those pics!!!! =)


The Chic Etoile said...

Hi !!!! :) :)
Your blog is so cool and stylish!!!!

What do you think about following each other?:) Please let me know on my blog:)

xoxoxo, Francesca